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7 new Samsung smartphones in 2007

7 new Samsung smartphones in 2007

From mobile-review:

Samsung Electronics has unveiled it's plans to release 6 new smartphones in 2007 at the recent press conference held by the company’s German division. Mr. Norbert Strixner, the marketing manager of Samsung, reported that the current market of ordinary cell phones in Germany is saturated, and he noted the increased demand for smartphones in professional and customer’s segments. The company doesn’t plan to launch smartphones lacking cameras, on the contrary, the upcoming models will be equipped with high resolution units. Besides all new devices will be powered by Windows Mobile 6 operating system. The OS version hasn’t been specified yet – Standard or Professional, thus communicators might see release as well. The devices will be arriving in the market from this summer onwards, said Mr. Strixner. It’s still unclear whether Samsung would launch Windows Mobile 6 update for its recent SGH-i600 smartphone.

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Another Sony Ericsson K810 review

This time mobile-review has posted a review of the K810. Unfortunately the review is in Russian so I used Google to translate (an alternative is Babelfish). I will update the link when they post up the translated review. It's an interesting read nonetheless.

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