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Sony Ericsson new firmware R5A details

Yesterday I posted about a possible new firmware today. EMMA has indeed updated and so has my SEUS client. I tried updating my P990 but it says no new update. Maybe it will be available later today. A member over at Esato has posted some juicy details about this new R5A firmware. He got these details from a developer forum

- Menu transitions can be turned on/off via control panel
- Free memory from phone startup is around 16 Mb
- Progress bar during phone startup
- RSS application more stable and responsive
- Menus are faster
- Built in apps load faster and take less memory
- When connecting usb, you will be prompted to choose file transfer or phone mode (this exists in current firmware)
- Should fix the "FC menu option goes missing" bug some people reported when beta testing SMan.

The person who tested this firmware also states that this R5A firmware is final since he has started testing a R6D version. Well all the changes looks good to me. Hope it comes to SEUS soon.

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