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New P990 firmware available on SEUS

It has finally arrived! The new R5A firmware for the P990. Here are details I have posted in the past about this firmware. I have just updated my p990. Here are some first impressions and some pics (sorry for the pic quality). It took me around 20 minutes the whole update. The first thing I noticed when turning the phone on was the progress bar (first pic). The startup felt alot faster then before. When entering the PIN and phone code, you can't see all the numbers at once like before. The date was 3/4/07 and time 1:25 PM after the phone booted (second pic). The first thing I wanted to do was to find the transition menu. While navigating to the control panel I noticed that the overall speed of the phone has increased by alot. When I reached the transition menu, I saw that it was turned off already (third pic). Naturally my next instinct was to check memory available after a fresh boot. I checked and it was at 15.1 MB (fifth pic). Before the update, I started up with about 14 MB free. Overall, the phone feels alot faster and I am satisfied. I need to use it throughout the day to check the stability and if they solved the memory leak problem. Also, I must mention that for the first time, the backup/restore worked 100%. Bravo!

I will keep adding stuff that I find.

- Volume in calls increase
- Volume of media player increased
- Opera is way faster
- Java apps load almost instantaneously (opera mini)
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